“It is well with my soul”

My fate is sealed with Christ My name engraved on the hands of God I’m destined for greatness I know I’ll probably sweat blood The hardships they’ll be worth it It doesn’t matter what any man or woman thinks One day we are all gonna die And most people rot or be cremated Doesn’t matter the fate is still the same That day all their taunts and unbelief will fade away I’ll have left an amazing legacy The only part that they’ll have in it Is that when I felt I couldn’t dream any longer I just remembered their faces And told myself that I’m gonna prove them wrong Its a cold gloomy era of my history I’m still at twilight the night seems long But I know I’ll break the dawn The sun will shine brightly thus It is well with my soul


Perfect Imperfection

The pursuit of perfection ruins creativity and robs you of joy.

Perfect. That’s not me.

The only perfect person I know is God but even He loves us unconditionally regardless of our flaws.

Everyday I endeavour to love people for who they are without trying to fix them because that’s not my job.

However I do realise that I can only do that when i fully embrace the person that I am and love myself just as I am

I realise that I can only love myself when I accept the fact that life is not a competition. That everyone is on their own lane and I cant compare my life with anyone else’s to see who is ‘winning’ at the game called life.

I have to live life on my terms and let others do the same. In any case we were all born free. As Nelson Mandela puts it,” For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in such a way that enhances the freedom of others”




What do you tell yourself first thing in the morning when you wake up?

Do you tell yourself that you are worthless or that you can’t make it in life?

If you tell yourself this then know that you are the very thing that is hindering your achievement of success in your every day life.

If you want to change your life for the better then you have to change what you tell yourself. When you wake up in the morning tell yourself this:

  1. I am courageous
  2. I am blessed
  3. I am highly favoured
  4. I am forgiven
  5. I am beloved of God
  6. I am more precious than jewels
  7. I am beautiful
  8. I am creative
  9. I am intelligent
  10. I am destined for greatness
  11. I am prosperous
  12. I am more than a conqueror
  13. I am happy
  14. I am a masterpiece
  15. I can and I will

Remember whether you think you can or cannot you are right so change the way you speak to yourself

My Voice

I honour my voice because my opinion ,Cheryl’s opinion, is valid

The words that come out of my mouth may either be quick,witty,wrong,funny,inappropriate,kind,loving,hurtful but they are still my words.

The words from the depths of my soul or the back of my brain or at times the tip of my tongue.

Its my opinion its valid so don’t ignore me

Don’t push me away like am a empty devoid of a soul in which feelings reside

I for one don’t ignore you

I listen to you

Then listen to me please

I honour my voice because my opinion is valid

13 Thoughts on a Sunday

Originally i wanted to write one of those “20 things you should do before you are 20” posts but i deviated from the plan and wrote this instead

  1. Make true friendships that will last a lifetime.
  2. Make a budget and stick to it.
  3. Stand up for yourself even when you are terrified at the prospect.
  4. Have a good laugh every once in a while.
  5. Rewrite the narrative in your subconscious mind to be positive and in line with the kind of life you want and the dreams you want to achieve.
  6. Be responsible for every aspect of your life.
  7. Stop trying to change people that’s not part of job description in life.
  8. Know yourself and love yourself because you are worthy
  9. Invest in yourself through books podcasts classes and hobbies so you can grow into the person you want to become.
  10. Own your faith. Its yours and nobody else’s for that matter.
  11. Follow your heart and intuition they already know where you are going. (Steve jobs)
  12. Be yourself because your amazing just the way you are.
  13. Finally learn to mind your own business or else everyone is gonna be like

Start small

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step

This holds true for any kind “journey” that you are taking in your life. It may be the beginning of a new routine or a habit or a new job or even a new school every thing begins from somewhere then overtime compounds into something beautiful

Imagine if you were born a grown man or woman; no chance to be a child to play to dance in the rain to be mischievous no first day of school for you no highschool no prom(for those who have one we don’t) no college no uni that would mean that if you were born today tomorrow you would be off to work or whatever thing you are doing with your life. Cool right? No its not because you wont have any memories neither will you have the experiences that have made you the person you are today

The point of my little story is that there are no quick fixes in life and very few overnight success stories. Every successful person began from somewhere and every day they did something towards the achievement of their goals. You can’t wake up tomorrow the person you want to be you have to work towards that every single day. Trust the process and remember to celebrate whatever victories you have that gives you the motivation you need during tough times.


The crowds are in uproar. Boulders are lining the streets a large fire has been lit in the middle of the road the shop windows are broken people are running in all directions either towards their opponents or away to safety. Suddenly shots rent the air the police have arrived to try and calm the people.

However the opposing sides are hellbent on destroying each other none afraid of death. It’s a non ending spiral of violence .By the end of the day the situation is under control but at what cost you may ask

Some of the people are either badly injured behind bars or worse dead. If you happen to ask anyone from either side of the warring parties why they resorted to violence instead of dialogue they’d probably say ,” I have a visceral dislike for the other party talking to them won’t work for me. It simply won’t.”