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Perfect Imperfection

The pursuit of perfection ruins creativity and robs you of joy.

Perfect. That’s not me.

The only perfect person I know is God but even He loves us unconditionally regardless of our flaws.

Everyday I endeavour to love people for who they are without trying to fix them because that’s not my job.

However I do realise that I can only do that when i fully embrace the person that I am and love myself just as I am

I realise that I can only love myself when I accept the fact that life is not a competition. That everyone is on their own lane and I cant compare my life with anyone else’s to see who is ‘winning’ at the game called life.

I have to live life on my terms and let others do the same. In any case we were all born free. As Nelson Mandela puts it,” For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in such a way that enhances the freedom of others”