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A special kind of therapy

Feels good to finally share to finally vent out every thought that burdened my soul.

To let it out through words. To literally rip out every thought that hurts from my soul and engrave it on a page.

To bleed not red with blood but black with ink. It doesn’t make the pain any less but it does help to see my thoughts as clear as day

To be able to clean out the dirt the very evil that threatens to wreck my being.

I’m grateful for those who invented writing because writing is a special kind of therapy. Lets you launch your missiles and fire your guns safely

Its simply magnificent.

I can shake off anything as I write

my sorrows disappear

my courage reborn


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Lost friendships

One of the harshest things you come to terms with in life is that you can’t and never will be able to change people. No matter how nice you are to them they’ll just treat like they want to because its just who they are.

Funny thing about this realization is that its one of those things we know at the back of our minds. You know like one of those gut instincts you feel but keep ignoring or the little voice in your head that tells you “Run fake friend approaching!” Five stars for anyone who listens to this voice because i don’t and so do many other people.

The first time you finally notice that the ‘little voice’ was right, it will come like a shock. You’ll been sad and angry because your friend turned out to be a phoney. You’ll be hurt nit on the same level of heartbreak as a foiled romantic relationship but still this person was your friend or even worse your best friend.

So after you cry(or did whatever you do when you are hurt) you might forgive this person if you feel the mistake wasn’t that big or because you don’t want to loose a friend. You’ll let them in slowly cautiously at first then with time a sense of normalcy will return. You’ll lie to yourself that managed to change them but your gut will be the wiser.

Then your dear friend will hurt you again. You’ll be hurt of course. Only this time you wont even be surprised in fact your gut will tell you i told you so.

This wont make it any easier. It will still hurt like the first time maybe worse or less. Cry again if you must but don’t you dare play the victim card because you were the one who gave the chance this time.

Rise from the ashes. Better people will come your way. You are a beautiful soul a force to reckon with. If you had the strength and courage to give them a second chance when they didn’t deserve it then you have a heart of pure gold.

By all means forgive them again and again. Its good for your soul and your health. You don’t really want to walk around holding grudges. Life is already hard by itself you definitely don’t want extra baggage. This time when you forgive them don’t allow back in.

You owe it to yourself to be happy. You deserve better than that. You deserve the best people in the world. People who will be there for you always people who will show up for you and those who will value you and your company. Because guess what you are worth more than rubies.

Listen your instincts because deep down you know the truth.

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“It is well with my soul”

My fate is sealed with Christ My name engraved on the hands of God I’m destined for greatness I know I’ll probably sweat blood The hardships they’ll be worth it It doesn’t matter what any man or woman thinks One day we are all gonna die And most people rot or be cremated Doesn’t matter the fate is still the same That day all their taunts and unbelief will fade away I’ll have left an amazing legacy The only part that they’ll have in it Is that when I felt I couldn’t dream any longer I just remembered their faces And told myself that I’m gonna prove them wrong Its a cold gloomy era of my history I’m still at twilight the night seems long But I know I’ll break the dawn The sun will shine brightly thus It is well with my soul